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Who we are

Aktis ophthalmological center (eye laser center) was created and organized by a group of progressive physicians with vast experience in the management of ophthalmic diseases, but also with a successful course in the field of refractive surgery. Via teamwork, consecutive education and training, not only in Cyprus but also abroad, we managed to achieve what we exactly have envisioned, to significantly upgrade the ophthalmological services within borders, by investing in innovative medical equipment, in order to fully cover the increasing needs and requirements of the ophthalmological patient.

ποιοι είμαστε στο Aktis    ποιοι είμαστε στο Aktis

Our philosophy is based on a personalized approach of each eye condition and on providing eye care of highly quality to individuals of all ages. Our commitment is to daily set medical science and cutting edge technology, available for human health and quality of life. In Aktis ophthalmological center (eye laser center) a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services is supported and it is in position to donate the suitable solutions even for the most difficult ophthalmic incidents and circumstances.