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Ellex Tango SLT & Yag Laser

Aktis ophthalmological center (eye laser center) is equipped with Ellex Tango SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) system, which is used in selective laser trabeculoplasty technique (SLT laser) for the non-invasive regulation and management of intraocular pressure in glaucoma incident.

Ellex Tango SLT & Yag Laser  Ellex Tango SLT & Yag Laser

Ellex Tango SLT laser produces low energy short pulses that are precisely targeted on certain cells’ melanin or pigment in the anterior chamber angle. Those cells’ natural recovery process, improves eye’s drainage capacity and reduces intraocular pressure.

Ellex Tango SLT & Yag Laser  Ellex Tango SLT & Yag Laser

Furthermore, Ellex Tango system is also used as Yag Laser for secondary cataract treatment (posterior capsule, the section where the intraocular lens is inserted in cataract phacoemulsification surgery, is able to produce blurred cells that usually induce blurred vision). Yag laser creates an opening in the center of the cloudy lens capsule. In many patients, vision recovery is immediate, while in others the vision gradually improves. With Ellex Tango system posterior capsulotomy laser procedure becomes easy, fast and painless. The device ia also used for laser iridotomy in which a small hole (opening) is created in the iris via laser light radiation light properties. In this way the eye’s drainage system is protected (glaucoma avoidance).