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Excimer laser

What exactly is excimer laser’s role in a refractive procedure?

In fact, excimer laser sculpts – ablates the cornea (disintegrates and ejects the molecules, with no thermal damages to adjacent tissue sections), thus defines the new corneal shape and curvature, allowing the incoming light rays (optical stimuli) to focus precisely on the retina (refractive power change). With each laser pulse, an extremely small amount of corneal tissue is removed, with incredible accuracy, about 0.25 microns (1 micron = 10-6 m) per laser shot.

Επεμβάσεις με excimer laser στο Aktis  Επεμβάσεις με excimer laser στο Aktis

Latest generation excimer laser systems support flying spot technology of maximum precision and minimal spot diameter per shot that makes them friendly to corneal tissue. They offer ablations of excellent quality and tremendous visual effects. Something extremely impressive is the eye tracking system included (also known as eye tracker) which has the ability to follow eye micro-movements and successfully guides the laser beam with incredible synchronization and accuracy for best possible refractive correction results. Advanced technology software algorithms (special excimer laser software) create a corneal refractive map, programming and guiding, exactly what abnormalities the laser beam will ablate by saving corneal tissue.