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Presby-LASIK method

What exactly is Presby-LASIK technique;

Through the aging of human body, usually after the age of 45, the crystalline, natural lens of the eye, looses its flexibility, with adjustment ability difficulties while focusing on near objects. This visual system’s specific state is absolutely normal, known as presbyopia and much of the time is stabilized after the age of 55.

Presbylasik στο οφθαλμολογικό κέντρο Aktis  Presbylasik στο οφθαλμολογικό κέντρο Aktis

Presby-LASIK refractive technique (like a multifocal laser) is used in laser refractive procedures for specific patients who need to face presbyopia, apart from eliminating common refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism). Presby-LASIK method is based on the multifocal IOL operating principles and it really has satisfactory results in hyperopic presbyopia cases. Creating a multifocal cornea using excimer laser also offers good near vision (but perhaps with some restrictions). Middle-aged or elderly people are more convenient. Presby-LASIK is constantly growing and is based on specific nomograms and algorithms that should be observed during the excimer laser settings and programming, before each ‘presbyopic’ treatment.