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Pentacam Oculyzer topography

High resolution corneal topography Wavelight Pentacam Oculyzer offers detailed and accurate imaging of the anterior and posterior corneal surface and high resolution pachymetry maps. Within a few seconds, it provides high reliability and analysis pieces of information, which help eye surgeon, not only design a proper treatment plan during preoperative check, but also manage postoperative follow-up & monitoring.

Pentacam oculyzer topographer  Pentacam oculyzer topographer

Pentacam Oculyzer’s function is based on the rotating scheimplug camera principle and includes the following programs: pachymetry, densitometry (with enabled graphs), 3D chamber analyzer, corneal topography, holladay report, PNS (Pentacam Nucleus Staging), Belin / Ambrosio Enhanced Ectasia detection.

In fact, this specific device is a peripheral of the complete system Wavelight Allegretto eye-Q 400Hz excimer laser, used in laser refractive procedures. It offers the T-CAT (topo-guided) ablation profile advantage (topo laser ablation), which in fact is a customized refractive procedure, based purely on the cornea (topographic treatment). Wavelight Pentacam Oculyzer ‘s data (measurements) are fully compatible with Wavelight Allegretto excimer laser, allowing tremendous results in cases of high and irregular astigmatism and high hyperopia, ablating the cornea according to topographic information.

Pentacam oculyzer topographer  Pentacam oculyzer topographer

T-CAT software is also used in topoPRK C3R/CXL technique for keratoconus treatment and after corneal transplantation (keratoplasty) cases. To end up with, it is worth mentioning Wavefront function (wavefront sensor), using an analysis of about 25,000 points for spherical aberration elimination in LASIK refractive procedure (wavefront-guided LASIK). The results are spectacular.