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All physicians of Aktis ophthalmological center (eye laser center) hold international studies and they are renowned in Cyprus. Via continuous participation in international ophthalmological congresses, we dynamically adapt to the growing demands of our time while evolving our scientific training. Our many years of experience and the expertise exchange between us, successfully allow facing and solving even the most difficult or complex cases.

το προφίλ του οφθαλμολογικού κέντρου Aktis το προφίλ του οφθαλμολογικού κέντρου Aktis

Ultramodern and aesthetic premises, cutting edge ophthalmic technological equipment and highly trained scientific and nursing staff of Aktis ophthalmological center (eye laser center), offer an outstanding dimension and a distinctive level in the field of medical care and treatment. Undoubtedly, success for us is not only to find the best solution for a simple or complex eye condition, but also to build a dedicated and trustworthy relationship with each individual patient.