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What exactly is pterygium and which are its main causes?

Pterygium is a benign, triangular, abnormal tissue growth of the conjunctiva to the corneal layer of ​​the eye. It usually appears in the inner (nasal) corner of the eye and obstructs eyesight. Pterygium’s real cause is not been ascertained, however it frequently occurs in individuals who are exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation), drought and dust for many hours. The most important symptoms are: ‘foreigner’ appearance, optical axis overlapping, corneal deformation / irregularities and astigmatic occurrence.

Πτερύγιο και αντιμετώπιση  Πτερύγιο και αντιμετώπιση


Using eye drops (artificial tears) and local ointments is a solution for facing pterygium inflammation. However, pterygium should be removed via surgical procedure in case it is considered quite big, ugly and affects vision. Sometimes, even after a surgical removal, there are possibilities for pterygium to recur, especially in young people. It is worth mentioning that protecting our eyes from ultraviolet light rays, with the help of sunglasses, and avoiding dust and dry air as much as possible is of great importance.