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Epivision microkeratome

Mechanical mikrokeratome is a device used in refractive surgery, particularly in LASIK technique, for eliminating refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism). In fact this is the main instrument, used by a refractive surgeon, to create the corneal flap (membrane), which is lifted right before the refractive correction with the excimer laser ablation.

Μικροκερατόμος Gebauer Epivision  Μικροκερατόμος Gebauer Epivision

Aktis ophthalmological center (eye laser center) is equipped with Gebauer Epivision mechanical microkeratome, a keratome of great precision, suitable also for epi-LASIK technique, apart from traditional LASIK. In epi-LASIK surface photo-ablation and corneal curvature alteration contributes to change the refractive power of the eye. The method is similar to PRK. The main difference is that surface membrane (epithelium) is not removed from cornea but separated within a few seconds by this specific system (also called epikeratome).

Μικροκερατόμος Gebauer Epivision  Μικροκερατόμος Gebauer Epivision

In traditional LASIK, Gebauer Epivision microkeratome offers 100μm, 130μm, 160μm flap thickness options and 8.5mm to 10.0mm flap diameter range. Its precision and ergonomics minimize the chance of intra-operative complications, a great advantage for every refractive surgeon.