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What exactly is stye and which are its main causes?

Conjunctiva is the white part of the eye. When together protein and fat depositions are collected on the conjunctiva (much of the time nasally), a white-yellow benign spot or a small protuberance (lump) is formed, which is called stye. Unlike pterygium, stye is not gradually developed and it not considered as a vision threat. Causes are not verified, but generally stye occurs after extensive sun exposure or dust chronic irritation.

Στεάτιο και αντιμετώπιση  Στεάτιο και αντιμετώπιση


In most cases there is no need for therapy. Sometimes, due to the fact that tear layer at stye section is quite unstable, a periodic use of eye drops (artificial tears) may be recommended. Only for aesthetic reasons a surgical removal is proposed by the physician.