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HFA automated optical perimetry

Visual fields (optical perymetry) examination is extremely important for the diagnosis and treatment of a many ophthalmic conditions (e.g. glaucoma, optic nerve damages, ischemic opticopathy etc). More specifically, with optical perimetry (visual fields) we are in position to control central and peripheral vision (perception ability). HFA (Humphrey Field Analyzer) automated optical perimetry of high reliability is used in Aktis ophthalmological center (eye laser center).

Αυτόματη οπτική περιμετρία HFA  Αυτόματη οπτική περιμετρία HFA

During the examination the patient is asked to look straight (a central point of the dome) and to identify a light. Once patient understands that bright stimulus (brightest spot) he / she has to click a button that holds in his / her hand. The stimuli set results help the formation of a vision map (e.g. nerve fibers percentage famaged from glaucoma is recorded). The examination is based on the patient’s ability to identify the light. Optical perimetry test (visual fields) is a serious examination and needs to be repeated at regular intervals in order to identify visual field changes.

Αυτόματη οπτική περιμετρία HFA  Αυτόματη οπτική περιμετρία HFA

HFA (Humphrey Field Analyzer) automated electronic perimeter is equipped with a computer for detailed recording. There are several program options (e.g. low vision) depending on the condition we want to examine.